Know your Feeder route

Date: 2019/02/06 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

Feeder routes (marked with an F) – which are routes from outer suburbs that join the trunk route at a key station.

Familiarize yourself with the following Feeder Routes:

FF1: Naledi to Thokoza Park

FF2: Protea Glen to Thokoza Park

FF3: Jabavu to Lakeview

FF4: Mofolo to Boomtown

F F5: Eldorado Park to Lake View

F F6: Lea Glen to Bosmont

F F7: Amalgam to Bosmont Station

FF8: Westbury Station to Greymont

F F9: Mapetla to Thokoza Park

FF10: Pimville to Lakeview

FF11: Bellevue/Yeoville to City

FF12: Parktown distribution route


Know your Feeder route
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