Get street smart with your smartcard

Date: 2019/02/06 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

The faster we're able to trace your details on the smartcard database, the sooner we'll be able to transfer your money. To this end, it will help if you can provide the number of your old smartcard.

For this reason, commuters are encouraged to keep their Rea Vaya smartcard number and expiry date written down somewhere safely in case their card is one day lost or stolen.

  • The smartcard number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card.
  • The expiry date is the month-year combination (for example, 03/19) under "valid thru", also on the front of the card.

You should also take care to provide your correct ID number, as the wrong number will also delay the money transfer process.

Still have questions about your smartcard? Contact Rea Vaya's call centre on 0860 562 874.


Get street smart with your smartcard
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